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MonkeyBiz Rubberpro Magnet 01

ITEM CODEXA9118--01~XA9118_03XA9118--01~XA9118_03
■ 01 [XA9118--01]
JP¥ 1,100 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [10point]
JP¥ 1,000 (w/o tax)
Quantity of Stock 1
■ 02 [XA9118_02]
JP¥ 1,100 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [10point]
JP¥ 1,000 (w/o tax)
Quantity of Stock 1
■ 03 [XA9118_03]
JP¥ 1,100 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [10point]
JP¥ 1,000 (w/o tax)
No Stock
  • Number2:
SIZE:approx. H7xW8 (cm)
COLOR:01 / 02 / 03
MATERIAL:Recycled tires, Plastic, Cotton, Magnet
ORIGIN:Handmade in South Africa

Because this product is made of used tires, you will see lines and scratches on the surface. It is not counted as a inferior good. Keep in mind these facts before you buy.


A cheerful magnet made of recycled tires from MonkeyBiz. Put it on your refrigerator or steel bookshelf to hold memos, photos, or any other things you want to forget. The recycled rubber is obtained from old car tires from scrap yards surrounding Cape Town and is donated to the project through exchange of information and awareness-raising about the products and the project.

MonkeyBiz is an sustainable income generating non-profit organization that provide self-employment opportunities to bead artists and provides them with skills training and support. All profits go back into the communities through provision of community services which are partially funded by donations and gifts.