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Amsale Key Necklace

JP¥ 4,180 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [38point]
JP¥ 3,800 (w/o tax)
Quantity of Stock 1
SIZE:approx. Total Length 80 (cm)
MATERIAL:Reused artillery shells, Cotton
ORIGIN:Handmade in Ethiopia

The materials used for Entoto Beth accessories are mostly recycled metals. The exact percentage of each metal used for manufacturing this item is unknown. Please be attentive to wear it if you have metal allergy. Due to the handmade feature of the accessory, the size and color may be slightly different from what you see on the posted info and photos. The color loss or color migration from this item may occur by rubbing or being drenched by liquids like sweat or rain. When carry the bags with white or light-colored goods, handle them with care to prevent color migration. Keep in mind these facts before you buy.


A beautiful series of accessories is arrived from Ethiopia. Ethiopian accessory maker, "Entoto Beth", combines traditional craftsmanship with elegant designs to produce the items which highly recognized in EU. The accessories are mostly manufactured from local recycled materials such as used tire thread, old artillery shells, or coated Ethiopian coffee beans.

Entoto Beth adopts a slogan saying, "Restoring, Creating, Empowering." It is "a fair trade Ethiopian social business dedicated to restore HIV/AIDS affected community on Entoto Mountain by providing fair-wage employment to over 100 women. (Entoto Beth website)." Entoto Beth stands out as a dynamic social entrepreneur as well as a rakish accessory designer.