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Jebena Amhara Pot

JP¥ 4,180 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [38point]
JP¥ 3,800 (w/o tax)
Quantity of Stock 2
SIZE:approx. H16xW14 (cm)
MATERIAL:Bisque, Raffia palm, Water grass
ORIGIN:Handmade in Ethiopia

Due to the handcrafted feature of the product and your PC settings, the size and color of actual items you get may be slightly different from what you see on the posted info and photos. This is made of very delicate and fragile ceramics. Handle with care. Do not drop or hit something with it. Because of the distinctive feature of bisque (unglazed ceramics), you get the color of the product if you touch it when new. Also, this product HAS NOT BEEN INSPECTED as so under Japan's Food Sanitation Act. Keep in mind these facts before you buy.


This coffee pot is called "Jebena" in local Amhara language in Ethiopia. It is used to render traditional Ethiopian "coffee ceremony."

Mysterious Ethiopia is one of the origins of coffee. Ethiopians hold "coffee ceremony to host their guests at home. Make a collection of coffee ceremony goods, and send your heart to the history of coffee, and grief and pleasure among the people around coffee. Athough this product is daily used to serve coffee in Ethiopia, it HAS NOT BEEN INSPECTED as so under Japan's Food Sanitation Act.