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Tuned-up Kalimba S 04 African Forest

ITEM CODEA1104T--04A1104T--04
JP¥ 3,740 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [34point]
JP¥ 3,400 (w/o tax)
Quantity of Stock 1
SIZE:approx. H15xW10xD3 (cm)
COLOR:04 African Forest
MATERIAL:Wood, Iron, Aluminium
ORIGIN:Handmade in タンザニア

Due to the handmade feature of the item, the size and color may be slightly different from what you see on the posted info and photos. Also, your PC setting may give you the discrepancy between the actual color of the item and the ones you see on our web photos.


This small-size "African Forest" kalimba is tuned to produce sound to make you feel as if you were in a deep African forest. Our specialized staff would tune up your kalimba before the shipping.

Kalimba is a handy African instrument which is said to be an original form of music boxes. Wood, gourds, or empty cans are used for its resonator.