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Iringa Basket S

ITEM CODEK5111-99~K5115-99K5111-99~K5115-99
■ S [K5111-99]
JP¥ 4,950 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [45point]
JP¥ 4,500 (w/o tax)
Quantity of Stock 2
■ M [K5113-99]
JP¥ 7,150 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [65point]
JP¥ 6,500 (w/o tax)
Quantity of Stock 5
■ L [K5114-99]
JP¥ 9,900 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [90point]
JP¥ 9,000 (w/o tax)
Quantity of Stock 3
■ LL [K5115-99]
JP¥ 11,000 (incl. tax)USD 0.00 [100point]
JP¥ 10,000 (w/o tax)
Quantity of Stock 1
  • Size:
SIZE:S=approx. H20xDiameter20 (cm)
M=approx. H30xDiameter30 (cm)
L=approx. H32xDiameter32 (cm)
LL=approx. H36xDiameter40 (cm)
MATERIAL:Water Grass
ORIGIN:Handmade in Tanzania

Because these are the all natural baskets woven with 100% vegetable fiber, direct sunlight or strong lighting accelerate color fading of the baskets. Store in a dry place to prevent molding. Because these are traditionally handcrafted, the size and color of actual items you get may be slightly different from what you see on the posted info and photos. Also, water grass, the fiber used for the baskets, may be slightly warped or have some fine splits. Consider these facts before you buy.


Simple and durable Tanzanian Iringa baskets with cute red lines with 4 different sizes.

The water grass used to make this basket is called "milulu." It is handmade in Njombe, a region in southern Tanzania.